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Cathedral of the Madeleine

We came across this beautiful picture of The Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City today.


Cathedral of the Madeleine hand carved by Agrell Architectural Carving


Agrell Architectural Carving produced all the hand carving for the chancel screen and the tabernacle which is shown in this photograph along with the Bishop's chair.


The Cathedral of the Madeleine has fantastic reviews from visitors so if you live or are visiting Salt Lake City then go and see the amazing carvings for yourself.


However, if you are unable to visit then The Cathedral of the Madeleine has a lovely website which can be visited at www.utcotm.org. More photographs of our hand carving of the tabernacle and chancel screen can be found here www.utcotm.org/about/pictoral-tour.


KSL TV did a behind the scenes tour of The Cathedral of the Madeline www.ksl.com.


Several more photographs can be find on google images.