• "The level of craftsmanship shown is amazing. How you can produce something of such quality from a simple lump of wood is beyond me"
    David Shiress, Design Manager
    Taylor Made Joinery Interiors, Suffolk
  • "I was truly impressed by the outstanding quality of the firm’s work and by Ian Agrell's enthusiasm and professional commitment"
    F. Carey Howlett
    Hermitage Foundation
  • "Your work looks incredible. A special thanks to you for making us look brilliant for choosing you for the project"
    David Wick
    Owner of O.B.Williams
  • "...the incredible effort you and your talented staff put forth in the chair for His Holiness Pope John Paul II*...was well beyond our expectations" *(Now known as Saint John Paul II)
    David Owen Tryba
Agrell Carving: Hand carved ornament. Abbey of Larchand circa 13th century.


VIDEO: Master Carver, Ian Agrell, discusses the philosophy behind Agrell Architectural Carving


Fast and Helpful Cost Estimates

It is important for our clients to have a cost estimate for their architectural wood carving requirements as quickly as possible so that this can be added to the overall quote.  To be able to produce a budget for your wood carved decoration all we need is a simple sketch or idea with approximate dimensions. One of Agrell Architectural Carving's Project Managers will respond to you with any questions they may have to supply a quote as soon as possible.

Free Design Options

If you have a sketch, idea, style or photograph we can further assist by utilising our extensive library of images - offering a free service of options that you can quickly present to your client.

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ADAM STYLE ROOM: Design by Agrell Architectural Carving, Ltd.

Agrell ArchitecturalAdam style room. Classical design by Agrell Architectural Carving


Period Style Designed Rooms

Agrell Architectural Carving have launched a new project called Period Style Designed Rooms. This project is to assist our clients and potential clients by designing and providing hand carved rooms that can be made to order in a specific classical style. As with all our work, this is completely bespoke and all made by hand, so our clients can choose to have it priced and produced exactly as per the design or we can work closely with you on any changes that you or the client may prefer.

View our first room Agrell Architectural's Gothic Hand Carved Room

Bookmark www.agrellcarving.co.uk as we have more rooms to follow very soon.


Maybe Less Gets You More…

Badly produced carving, or any other form of hand carved ornamentation, will ruin the space it was supposed to enhance yet still cost money to buy and install.  It is therefore extremely important to have well designed and executed decoration that stands scrutiny. It may be that to maintain the desire for quality of workmanship the budget requires that the carved decoration be concentrated in the important areas (like the doors and fire surround), or that the overall design is simplified.  Good design and execution is the essence of successful ornamentation - not quantity and complexity.  We are here to help you meet your clients expectations.


Saving You Time and Money

There may be a place for mass production for some people, but if you are reading this it is because you are searching for a unique space and not a generic substitute.  At Agrell Architectural Carving all our commissions are bespoke so we are able to offer options on design and budget that may significantly save your project time and money.  Hand woodcarving avoids creating a master, set up costs, clean up and the large volume needed to set up machine carving.  With our hand woodcarving every element of every commission is uniquely tailored to the needs of your client - for design, wood species, size and cost whilst still giving you the highest quality and delivery requirements.

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Agrell Architectural's Bronze Casting Services: Another option to consider for mass production.


Pride of Ownership

To obtain the highest degree of satisfaction for your client Agrell Architectural Carving's team of designers, wood carvers and project managers will deliver a masterpiece of woodwork and carved decoration that is true to the period, style and quality that you and your client will always be proud of.
 Even in the 21st Century and despite having all of this technology no machine can compete with a human brain. Woodcarving by hand from carvers with skill and experience provides the exquisite movement and delicacy of detail that gives your clients a beautiful and unique space. The human touch is what sets Agrell Architectural Carving apart.


Collaboration from Start to Finish.

Because of our experience and the elite skills that we offer we have partnered with some of the best in the world.  Even when the project with Agrell Architectural Carving involves working with a French designer hired to renovate a high profile client's residence in London we bring it all together. Having Project Manager's based in the UK, New York, San Francisco and soon France we are well placed with working closely with architects, designers, contractors and joinery companies any where in the world.

Agrell Architectural Carving's Woodcarving Services

Partnering with Joinery Companies


RADIO INTERVIEW: Listen to our very own Master Carver, Ian Agrell, being interviewed on radio by a client of ours, Brent Hull Companies http://brenthullcompanies.com. There is a lot that can be learned about woodcarving, design and collaboration from this interview.