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Louis XIV Versailles French

Louis Quatorze who succeeded the throne in 1643 and died in 1715 has a profound influence on style and ornamentation to this day.  When clients ask for a French styled room they generally mean the style of panelling to be found in The Palace of Versailles.  The ornamentation of this extraordinary palace and other buildings of that period have a unique quality of balance and articulation that makes us return again and again to study and replicate this fine work.  The style of L’Architecture Louis Quatorze didn’t really develop until about 20 years after he came to the throne.  Powerful ministers and members of the aristocracy were building many fine buildings but after 1670 the king imposed upon the architects whom he employed the grand style that he especially liked. The development of which, went on to influence the constructions at Marly, the gallery of Apollo in the Louvre and Versailles.

Although the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles is spectacular and has inspired many other ballrooms and reception areas, some of the most delicate and beautiful rooms in the palace are not of glittering gold but exquisitely executed panels of hand carved detail showing acanthus leaves and an array of flowers following the general format of the period. 

Agrell Architectural Carving has been fortunate to have the opportunity to recreate this extraordinary work in private residences in England and the USA – from Dudley House, 100 Park Lane, London to Park Avenue, New York. 

Agrell Architectural Carving: French, Versailles, Louis XIV hand carved panel  





























Agrell Architectural Carving: A hand carved panel, French - Versailles - Louis XIV.