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Architectural Reproduction: Re-creating History


For clients looking to re-create a historic woodwork or renovate an existing structure or building, we offer a unique period style design service devoted to historic building conservation and restoration. Our historic building consultants have access to a vast library, enabling them to easily assist clients in the creation of any period style from Baroque to Rococo to Gothic.

It’s a well-known fact that during these early periods, machine carving was non-existent. All woodcarving was executed by hand—as is all of our carving. This is what sets Agrell Architectural Carving apart. If you’re looking for authenticity, this is where you’ll find it. 


Agrell Architectural Carving: Hand carved restoration

Carved in oak by Agrell Architectural Carving - wood carved ionic capitals - replacements for the Governors Mansion Utah.


Our process begins with extensive research into period style. Every detail, every element that relates to that specific period is noted, and in the tradition of the time in which it was originally created, the piece—whether it’s the moulding or the entire ceiling—is hand carved to mirror the period style exactly.

For example, upon receiving the project to recreate the woodwork for Bishop Sherlock’s 18th-century room in London’s Fulham Palace, Ian Agrell knew that the room had originally been built in the mid-1700’s and so researched decoration from that period. To further assure authenticity, all of the woodcarving was executed in pine and then painted. Pine was the wood originally used for the carvings and Ian wanted to honour that tradition.

To deliver this degree of authenticity, our team of woodcarvers utilise the same tools and methods that generations of woodcarvers before them have employed. The final result is a masterpiece of woodwork that is true to the period style in every way.

The woodcarving for Bishop Sherlock’s room in Fulham Palace required approximately 3,000 carving hours. This is a typical size project for Agrell Architectural Carving as we have the carving capacity to deliver a finished project of this magnitude, quickly, anywhere in the world.

The entire first phase of the project, of which Bishop Sherlock’s Room was an integral part, was awarded First Place in the conservation category for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) London Awards in 2008. The project was highly praised for its harmonious blend of sustainability, usability and affordability.

However, the true beauty of a large-scale period project such as Fulham Palace goes beyond exceptional craftsmanship. As Ian Agrell himself explains, “It was wonderful to have an opportunity to restore a room completely. You really feel in touch with the carvers who went before you. Only you and the carvers before you really understand the project. So you have this intimate feeling across the eons. It is quite moving.”


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Other hand carved restoration projects include The House of Commons and The California State Capitol Building.