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Partnering with Joinery Companies

VIDEO: Master Carver, Ian Agrell, discusses the philosophy behind Agrell Architectural Carving.


A Straightforward, Simplified Process.

Over the last 35 years, we have successfully partnered with many fine joinery companies, employing a tried and true method that simplifies the entire process. Of course, there will be ample opportunity for discussions surrounding particular details, but in general, the process, which has been passed down through generations of our trade ensures a flawless integration of construction and woodcarving.

To start, we supply samples of the woodcarving to be undertaken in order to establish quality and technical standards. These samples can be used later in the project. Next, the joinery company sends us the blanks for the carved panels or profiled mouldings with the miters marked. We hand carve each individual section and return them to the joinery workshop for the final cut and installation.


Precision Carving. Seamless Installation.

To ensure a continuous flow, every section of moulding is hand carved to fit the exact location in which it will be installed. For example, at each corner and return, an acanthus leaf is carved with its "stork" along the line of the miter. This stork is not carved, and is therefore the original full profile, enabling it to fit exactly with the abutting section. No on-site adjustments are required; the corners are hand carved precisely--without the unattractive clash of shapes at the miters that is often seen with machine carving.

There is another distinct advantage to hand woodcarving when partnering with a joinery company. You can be confident that the quality and colour of the wood will exactly match that of the rest of the room. No on-site re-carving is necessary. Your clients will be able to see for themselves that their project has been properly conceived and executed.

This is the way woodcarving has been done for centuries and this time-honoured process has proven to be extremely successful.

As Ian Agrell sums it up, "In the end, not only do your clients enjoy beautiful hand carved rooms, but the proper and traditional way of planning the carving ultimately eases the installation."


Section of a wood carved Gothic oak screen (in progress) - Hermitage Foundation Museum - hand carved by Agrell Architectural Carving Ltd.,

Agrell Architectural Carving: Wood carved gothic screen