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Period Style Design Consultation

VIDEO: Master Carver, Ian Agrell, discusses the philosophy behind Agrell Architectural Carving


The Need

With the resurgence of interest in classical styles of ornamentation, we have experienced a tremendous rise in the number of elite clients across the world seeking to recreate the architectural splendor of the past. Whether it's a Gothic residence, an English Adam style library or a luxurious French panelled bedroom, there is a demand for absolute authenticity, not just in the artistic details, but in the workmanship as well.


The Challenge

Quality of craftsmanship, cost, historical accuracy, timely delivery—these are all important considerations when approaching large, sophisticated projects. Unfortunately, the last few decades have seen a decline in the use of decorative arts, making it increasingly difficult to find designers and artisans who can meet these unique requirements and even more importantly, also understand and specialise in ornamental decoration. Since ornamentation undoubtedly adds yet another layer of cost to your project, the challenge lies in delivering the highest quality craftsmanship while keeping within the confines of your budget.


The Approach

At Agrell Architectural Carving, we believe that by addressing issues and concerns early in the design process, we can save you a significant amount of time and money while offering the highest traditional accuracy and quality craftsmanship. Working together, we can ensure your client's dream becomes a stunning reality. 


A Full Spectrum of Services

London, Paris, Rome, Dubai. Wherever you are and whatever your decorative needs, we offer a full and comprehensive service—not only in carved decoration, but in the other associated trades and skills as well. Our Period Style Design Consultation service provides:


  • Resources, including a vast library, that help provide a variety of ideas and options for your clients
  • Viable solutions for addressing costs without compromising quality
  • Detailed renderings to present to your clients and directly to the artisans
  • Ornamental carving which is historically and stylistically accurate
  • Designs in proportions that work within the setting
  • Evaluation of artisans for skill, cost and deliverability, and assistance with meeting those goals if required
  • Monitoring of quality, costs and delivery throughout the construction and installation process
  • Hands-on project management from start to finish


The Difference 

Long-standing Master Carver, Ian Agrell is also an accomplished designer of the classical styles of ornamentation and has over 35 years of experience working on high-profile projects. This unique combination gives him the ability to adapt designs to your clients' needs and requirements, whether hand carving in wood or stone, casting or utilising any other medium.

One-on-one consultations with Ian are done in order to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing and stylistically accurate, but are economically feasible as well. We believe that a well-organised and tasteful design is the key to superb architectural reproduction. When you work with us, this is exactly what you can expect and precisely what we will deliver.


Read about the English Rococo Chimney designed and hand carved for Getty, San Francisco.

Hoho bird image above.

RADIO INTERVIEW: Listen to Ian being interviewed on radio by a client of ours in the USA, Brent Hull Companies http://brenthullcompanies.com.There is a lot that can be learned about woodcarving from this interview.