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As Alexander Speltz explains in his historical tome, The Styles of Ornamentation, "The conformation of an ornament should be in keeping with the form and structure of the object which it adorns, should be in complete subordination to it, and should never stifle or conceal it."

He goes on to say that although the art of ornamentation is varied, it is never arbitrary. In addition to the form of the object, ornamentation is also dependent upon the material used, and the way in which the objects are reproduced by different cultures in different time periods.


Agrell Architectural Carving: Hand carved wooden panel Louis XIV

A wooden panel -  Louis XIV - hand carved by Agrell Architectural Carving Ltd.,


At Agrell Architectural Carving, we take this to heart. Our woodcarving designs are meant to enrich, never to overwhelm, and always to remain true to the original style. In fact, whether the style is Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo or Art Deco, we take into account the techniques and proportions used at the time, the purpose of the piece, its form and structure. Only then are we ready to reproduce it in all its original glory.

Design styles generally reflect a period in time. Some are flamboyant, some structured, others more abstract. For a deeper understanding of the elements that make up a particular style then please consider Agrell Architectural Carving's Design Consultation Services.