• "Your work looks incredible. A special thanks to you for making us look brilliant for choosing you for the project"
    David Wick
    Owner of O.B.Williams
  • "...the incredible effort you and your talented staff put forth in the chair for His Holiness Pope John Paul II*...was well beyond our expectations" *(Now known as Saint John Paul II)
    David Owen Tryba
  • "The level of craftsmanship shown is amazing. How you can produce something of such quality from a simple lump of wood is beyond me"
    David Shiress, Design Manager
    Taylor Made Joinery Interiors, Suffolk
  • "I was truly impressed by the outstanding quality of the firm
    F. Carey Howlett
    Hermitage Foundation
Agrell Carving: Hand carved acanthus and flowers. English circa 1750.

The Team

VIDEO: Master Carver, Ian Agrell, discusses the philosophy behind Agrell Architectural Carving.


Ian Agrell who has recently celebrated 50 years of carving and was elected a British Master Carver in 1981, heads up the company. Driven by strong emphasis on the project budget Ian collaborates on the details of design and style. As the project becomes more defined Ian assists with the samples and prototypes if required. He also teaches classical carving at his workshop in California.


Master Carver, Ian Agrell














Master Carver, Ian Agrell

Utilise Ian Agrell's expertise: Period Style Design Consultation Services.


As Project Managers Kate Agrell-Doldan (Ian's daughter), in the UK and Marita Freese in the USA, have close contact with the day-to-day needs of your project. Starting with the initial bid process, through design and production and finally the delivery of your product. They will make sure that everything is in place at the right time - when you ask for a quote or an update, they will respond quickly - making sure that you get what you want when you want it.


Read more about Agrell Architectural Carving's Project Management Service.


Agrell Architectural Carving: Project Manager, Kate Agrell














Kate Agrell-Doldan, Project Manager

UK, Europe and the Middle East


Agrell Architectural Carving. Marita Freese, Project Manager.

Marita Freese, Project Manager

USA www.agrellcarving.com

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